Costa Rica: Since 2021

Audit Spotlight

Broniec’s experience is unmatched in both the breadth of our industry expertise and the depth of our reviews. Simply put, we find overpayments that our competitors do not. The following spotlights highlight just a few of the hundreds of audits we perform annually and provide insights into the positive experience you can expect and the results you’ll benefit from when you engage Broniec Associates.

Business Services Industry

$1.5B Auditable Spend

  • First Broniec audit client

  • Recent acquisitions

  • $3.5M in recoveries

Food & Beverage Industry

$9.3B Auditable Spend

  • First ever audit

  • Contract compliance review

  • $1.6B in recoveries

State Sponsored Audit

$40B Potential Liability

  • Long term client under audit

  • Manufacturing client

  • $975K paid