50 Years, 5 Continents, 1 Team.

Broniec Associates is the recognized leader in the accounts payable audit and recovery industry, delivering exceptional results to clients globally.

Comprehensive Audits Designed to Exceed Client Goals

Our contingency-based audits are customized to identify and recover the maximum in overpayments across a full range of categories. Broniec’s unique combination: our highly trained and experienced staff is unmatched in the industry + proprietary, state of the art technology + our exceptional, insightful reporting. This strategy, developed and refined over 50 years, empowers our clients to gain the greatest benefits: the most effective, efficient, and productive audit available.

Excelling in Today’s Global Environment

Broniec provides recovery audit services to multi-national clients in 30+ countries spanning five continents. Our expertise encompasses all industries and is a no-risk solution to assessing your purchase-to-pay process, recovering overpayments, and highlighting root cause analysis. We engage clients and suppliers in a multi-lingual business environment, generating recoveries from over 90 countries year after year.

Error Rates Rise by 40% During COVID

Accounts payable professionals worldwide faced a myriad of challenges over the last decade.  With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic the world changed, and those challenges became even more intense.  Working remotely suddenly became the new normal, with companies forced to develop and transition to new protocols.  As large organizations grappled with changes triggered by COVID, invoice processing errors (IPE) have increased by 40% since March 2020, with some experiencing error rates increasing over 300%.