50 Years, 5 Continents, 1 Team.

Broniec Associates is the recognized leader in the accounts payable audit and recovery industry, delivering exceptional results to clients globally.

Comprehensive Audits Designed to Exceed Client Goals

Our contingency-based audits are customized to identify and recover the maximum in overpayments across a full range of categories. Broniec’s unique combination: our highly trained and experienced staff is unmatched in the industry + proprietary, state of the art technology + our exceptional, insightful reporting. This strategy, developed and refined over 50 years, empowers our clients to gain the greatest benefits: the most effective, efficient, and productive audit available.

Excelling in Today’s Global Environment

Broniec provides recovery audit services to multi-national clients in 30+ countries spanning five continents. Our expertise encompasses all industries and is a no-risk solution to assessing your purchase-to-pay process, recovering overpayments, and highlighting root cause analysis. We engage clients and suppliers in a multi-lingual business environment, generating recoveries from over 90 countries year after year.

Pinpointing Vendor vs. Internal Errors

Our audits pinpoint the root cause and determine the reason for the error: internal or vendor-driven. Internal errors can include data entry mistakes such as a credit memo paid instead of deducted, deviations to invoice processing, revised purchase orders, invoices paid by AP and pcard, and paying vendors with multiple vendor numbers. Vendor-driven errors can include issuing multiple copies of the same invoice, submitting invoices and non-invoice documents, adjusted invoices, invoices submitted with incorrect pricing, and misapplied payments. Broniec provides valuable insights and recommendations to eliminate overpayments going forward.