Australia: Since 2019

About Us

Mission Statement

Broniec Associates, Inc. performs accounts payable auditing and consulting services for large companies across the globe. We will apply our expertise in this field to make our clients more efficient and profitable. We will distinguish ourselves by our focus on integrity and quality of service. Our successes will result from the efforts and achievements of our associates and our commitment to implementing technological improvements.


Our Origins

Our company was established in May 1972 by the late Frank D. Broniec, under the name of Frank D. Broniec & Associates to perform payables auditing and consulting services for the retail industry. We quickly earned a reputation among retailers for performing quality work and providing outstanding reports. The longevity of the company is due in part to our commitment to performing a comprehensive audit for every client.

Growing in the 80s

In 1980, we incorporated as Frank D. Broniec & Associates, Inc. We implemented an ambitious strategy – open local branches in cities throughout North America and add clients across multiple industries. In July 1988, the company established its first branch office in Houston, Texas. We opened our first international branch in Toronto, Canada in 1996. Today, Broniec performs work in nearly every state through our network of 21 local branches, as well as in over 30+ countries, serving companies in nearly every industry.

Venturing Ahead

Our founder, Frank D. Broniec, passed away suddenly in 1989. The company’s ability to successfully endure this event demonstrates the commitment and professionalism of the associates Mr. Broniec employed and the strong foundation he established for the company. In 1991, the company name was changed to Broniec Associates, Inc. and continued to grow under the leadership of Gerry Conheady who served as President from 1988-2016. Frank G. Broniec assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer upon Gerry’s retirement.

A Family Affair

Mr. Broniec’s two other sons are also presently active in the company. Paul M. Broniec joined the company in 1995 and serves as Chief Financial officer and maintains responsibility for Region Two. Matthew G. Broniec joined the company in 1999 and serves as Director of Management Information Systems. Both Frank and Matt honorably served in the United States Marine Corps. In 2018, William Broniec ushered in the third generation to serve the firm upon his graduation from the Georgia Institute of Technology. William currently holds the title Systems Developer.