Singapore: Since 2019

Internal vs. Vendor Errors

Our comprehensive reporting outlines the root cause and reason for each overpayment error. In addition, we take it a step further to distinguish internal driven verse vendor-driven overpayment errors.

This detail can determine if there is operational gaps and/or if additional internal training is needed or if a conversation is required with your vendor, to close the gap and eliminate on-going overpayment. Internal driven overpayments are often a result of data entry and keying errors, paying credit memos, deviations to invoice processing, revised purchase orders, invoices paid by AP and a Purchasing card, and paying vendors with multiple vendor numbers. Vendor-driven errors can include issuing multiple copies of the same invoice, with or without altered invoice numbers, submittal of invoices and non-invoice documents, adjusted invoices, invoices submitted with incorrect pricing, and misapplied payments.

Broniec provides valuable in-depth insights and recommendations to eliminate future hard dollar losses.