New York: Established 1994


You receive feedback, insights, actionable steps, and reporting throughout your audit – all to help you achieve optimal performance moving forward.

Our reporting package can be crafted to include any specific information important to you – year of error, claim type, department, etc.


We conduct weekly update meetings with you throughout the course of the audit to present new claims and discuss audit matters and/or answer any questions. Interim reports are available as requested.

Final Audit

Presented at the close of the audit, this report includes an audit summary with an analysis of the most prominent claims and/or error categories, and provides process improvement recommendations and root cause analysis, which if implemented, can result in a more efficient P2P process.

Value-Added Reports

Our Value-Added Reports highlight anomalies in your masterfile that could potentially lead to overpayments. We also provide analyses that summarize spend and transaction activity with your suppliers.

Client Services System

Every client is given access to our Client Services System (CSS). Access is username and password protected. As a further security measure, all data moving between the client and the server is encrypted. This interactive and secure tool allows you to monitor your audit activity, interact with your audit team, and access reporting tools on a 24/7 basis.